Comment on the CIF

This first iteration of the Canadian Indicator Framework (CIF) will be used to support further consultations with stakeholders. It is intended to start the conversation with Canadians on Canada’s level of ambition into achieving the SDGs and the appropriate targets and indicators to measure Canada’s progress.

Canadians are encouraged to help shape the CIF by sharing their views, ideas and perspectives. All stakeholders are encouraged to:

  • Provide feedback on whether the CIF accurately reflects Canada’s ambition in relation to the SDGs, including the opportunities, challenges, trade-offs and gap areas;
  • Validate and build upon the proposed ambitions, targets and indicators;
  • Identify local and community- driven measurements to complement existing indicator frameworks and data;
  • Advance data-disaggregation to ensure the Framework reflects and monitors underrepresented and marginalized groups; and,
  • Enhance data- disaggregation, and recognition of Indigenous identity across the framework and as well as the future integration of community-based data from Indigenous communities.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.