Leadership, Governance and Policy Coherence

13 September, 2019
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Every segment of society should be able to contribute to the advancement of the SDGs. While governments have primary responsibility for implementing the 2030 Agenda, for Canada, leadership can happen at all levels and take many forms, from the highest level of government, to grassroots community organizations, to the everyday Canadian—anyone can be a leader.


  • Demonstrate leadership in implementing the 2030 Agenda, both at home and abroad, by coordinating a whole-of-Canada national strategy for the 2030 Agenda and measuring progress made on the SDGs.
  • Align federal reporting mechanisms and support the integration of the SDGs into new and existing strategies, policies and programs across federal departments and agencies to increase policy coherence.
  • Develop training materials on the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs for federal public servants across all departments and agencies.
  • Ensure diverse representation at the United Nations High-Level Political Forums from all levels of government, including the provinces and territories, Indigenous governments and peoples, communities, municipalities and cities.
  • Develop long-term inclusive engagement plans with Indigenous partners and communities, National Indigenous Organizations, Modern Treaty Organizations and Indigenous Self-Governments to further implement the 2030 Agenda. Identify opportunities for collaboration and for integrating Indigenous perspectives, priorities and ways of knowing into the SDGs, support capacity building and increase awareness about the 2030 Agenda.
  • Foster collaboration with communities, cities and municipalities to further implement the 2030 Agenda locally, and support action to achieve the SDGs.
  • Share best practices and identify opportunities for collaboration and for localizing the SDGs across all levels of government and with communities and local organizations.
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